Flamingos at LARGE!
                    Flamingos at Large was started 21 years ago, here in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  
    There are many and varied rumours about how it all actually started, and we are always
                              interested to hear anything you know about this.
    We are a home-based business, which allows a lot of leeway in this operation.  Due to the nature of the business this is very important.  As you might imagine, we keep some pretty strange hours due to the time of day the displays are usually set up, and also, this allows us to do last-minute orders in a hurry if we need to!
       My name is Sharon.   I try to be available by telephone between the hours of 9.00am and 08.00pm, but sometimes you may encounter voice mail when calling.  This could be because I am on the telephone serving a customer, or I might be out doing an unscheduled delivery.  
    Please don’t hang up - your call is important to us.  Leave a detailed message if you can.  Be sure to say your name and phone number and the time you called.  Don’t forget to tell me when it’s ok to call you back or if I have to be careful who I speak to when I call.
Welcome to our Flamingo home on the web!